ZioCom Excommunicated By Spyzooka

At Spyzooka, we have made your safety while surfing the Internet our number one priority. We know our product is top notch. There’s not a program out there that has collected more definitions and updates for protection of your computer. We’ve heard of everything. ZioCom is no different than most of the adware out there. We proudly protect your computer from ZioCom because it’s criminal.

ZioCom steals your hard drive space with every tiny little file that gets deposited on your computer. It steals your hard earned money and time every time you have to sit down and remove the pesky little parasites. It can potentially steal your safety and identity, too.

Aside from stealing from you, ZioCom’s number one priority is to pester you with 3rd party advertisements. This is a ruthless piece of pop-up trash. After the program slows down your computer, so it can track every move you make online, you can expect the pop-ups to start coming followed by browser hijacking, add-ons, and unwanted search results.

If you think you just press Add/Remove and “presto”, it’s gone, think again. These files are well hidden in your registry and even your system restore. So you try to reset your computer back to before the time you downloaded the spyware. The program has outsmarted you by regenerating in the system restore.

Spyzooka has you covered when it comes to ZioCom. Our robot scours the internet 24/7 looking for new updates and definitions. We know that ZioCom is programmed to randomly name its files, so detection is more difficult. Our goal is to find out what tactics they are using before you are conned. If you don’t get rid of ZioCom on the first scan, all you have to do is download your scan and send it to us. You will receive an email from our customer service confirming that we are working on it. Within 24 hours, we will have the update that will completely get ZioCom off your computer.

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