Abetterinternet Offers You Heartache, Frustration and Fits of Rage

There are several ways for you to know that Abetterinternet is active on your system. Here are some things to look for:

• Your start-up home page changes unexpectedly to some sit you’ve never heard of.

• When you do a search for information an unknown search site pops up.

• Unfamiliar icons show up on your desktop.

• As you’re surfing the net unexplained pop-ups appear on your computer screen.

• Pop-up advertisements on your desktop

• Pop-up search results relating to websites you are browsing

• Pop-up search results relating to keywords you type into other search pages

• Host file changes – meaning that when you type in a familiar website address in your browser, another,unexpected site comes up instead

• A slow internet connection

• Sluggish computer start-up and shut-down

• Delays when loading or refreshing your desktop

• System shut-downs for no apparent reason

• System freezes or crashes for no apparent reason

• Software failures

And this is only a part of the many issues malicious adware software can create within your computer.

How bad can it get? You may experience seeing added links to your favorites and to your desktop. Adware often will change your home page and your search engine to sites that then try and sell you something.

One example of adware at work is this. You enter a search term into your favorite search engine, click enter, and all of a sudden the results show up on a screen from an entirely different search engine. Or, even worse, you click on a link and you’re taken to some out of the way page, which suddenly has replaced your trusted home page with a new page.

Other examples include you sitting at your computer searching for a particular product when suddenly a pop-up advertisement for a similar product appears. Where did that come from, you ask? That’s one of the traits that the Abetterinternet program has. It see’s your search activity then matches it to a particular product and low and behold there’s a pop-up for that product.

The real downside to these types of programs is the havoc they create in your system. If you’re like most folks when these types of programs take hold of your system all the fun of using your computer flies out the window. Using the internet becomes an exercise in futility. No matter how hard you try to get to a particular site there’s a roadblock. Malicious adware such as Abetterinternet will haunt you until it’s done away with.

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