Get Rid of Abetterinternet and Keep it Away!

I’m going to outline for you some steps you’ll need to take to both rid your system of the Abetterinternet program and ways to safeguard your system from future attacks. Let’s begin with how to erase this program and its many tentacles.

The first step in removing this leach is to attempt doing it yourself. This involves going to your Windows system computer Control Panel. From there select the Add/Remove Program utility. Try and identify the program you think is the culprit and select Remove from among your options. Once this has been done it’s advisable to restart your computer.

How can you identify the possible program? Here’s a helpful hint. Look for the more recent program installations and if you are unfamiliar with one that could be it. Let’s say that you have removed the correct program, but your computer is still acting up. Unfortunately malicious adware often can spread throughout your system. Simply removing the program doesn’t mean that you’ve removed it from the other areas of your computer.

If you’re still plagued by problems you’ll want to invest in a reputable adware removal software program. These handy programs will scan your entire system for any traces of adware software and kill it dead in its tracks. Here again there are certain feature you need to look for. Is the program easy to install and use? Are frequent updates available? Will it protect you in the future from adware installs? You might want to do some research on the internet about which programs receive a good consumers rating.

Another hint, once you run your initial scan and restart your computer, you should rescan your system one more time. Just to be sure. You’ll also want to keep your adware removal software up to date.

Once in a great while even adware removal software won’t rid your system of the virus. In this case it’s time to make a trip to your friendly computer technician.

Once your computer system has been restored to its previous pristine condition here’s how to reduce your possibility of becoming reinfected. Know and trust the source of future freeware or shareware downloads. If they come from a reputable company such as Microsoft or Real you can be pretty secure about their safety to your system. Secondly keep your adware removal software current. Third, read the fine print on the user agreement that comes with most downloadable software. And lastly, it may be easier to do without whatever software you think is really cool and that you can’t live without. Think twice.

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