Acez.SiteError Search Hijacker Detection and Removal

Acez.SiteError is a spyware/search hijack program that monitors the web addresses you type into Internet Explorer’s address bar.  On the occasion that you type in or click a link to an out-of-date link and get an error message, Acez.SiteError will redirect you to its home site,

Acez.SiteError typically comes bundled with free software such as P2P interfaces and screen savers.  Many adware and spyware programs operate similarly, downloading themselves with free software while the computer owner has no idea what’s going on.  At the very least, they eat up RAM memory and processor speed.  At worst, they provide security-breaching back doors into your system that more malicious software can come through.

(Acez.SiteError is usually installed with one of Acez’s free programs, such as Acez Jukebox.)

SpyZooka offers a free system scan for those who want  to scan their systems for other hidden threats.

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