AdBalloon Adware Detection and Removal

AdBalloon is a adware program and a browser hijacker.  It displays unwanted pop-up ads to computers.  It also redirects Web searches through its own chosen servers.  AdBalloon has also been known to reset the Internet Explorer homepage away from the user setting and to a page of its choice.

Redirecting a search is one way to spy on a computer user.  Once AdBalloon reroutes your search, its servers know what you were searching for.  Over time, this will develop into a record specific to your computer.

AdBalloon and programs like it use up RAM memory and processor speed.  They also eat up Internet connection bandwidth while they clog up Windows registry.  All of these factors conspire to give you a much slower laptop or PC.

A free scan of your computer is available from SpyZooka to see what other threats may be present.

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