Advanced Virus Protection — Should You Trust It?

If you are considering Advanced Virus Protection as a way to protect your computer from worms, spyware, viruses and other infections, think again. This rogue software program is a fake, and created by the hackers for the purpose of increasing their profits, while decreasing your bank account. This program may look like a legitimate spyware removal tool, but that is done intentionally so that users can easily be fooled into handing over their money.

Fake applications like this are many, and most work in pretty much the same way. The user receives security alerts, warning of security threats that supposedly exist on their PC. These warnings invite you to download their scan in order to detect these threats so that they may be removed. Once your computer is scanned, you will then be shown the results, which are completely made up. Advanced Virus Protection cannot scan your computer, so naturally there is no way that it can detect or remove any type of parasite or infection.

Since these malicious applications are actually spyware, they can wreak havoc on your PC and personal information. Many of these rogue security programs have the ability to modify or disable system files, gain access to private information, track your online activities and place even more malware on your PC. What does this mean? Your computer may become slow or unstable, and in severe cases crash. Your passwords, credit card numbers and other business data are at risk as well. As you are probably realizing by now, if you have this program on your computer you need to get rid of it NOW.

Where did it come from, and how did it get placed on your PC? Advanced Virus Protection and other applications like it usually install without your permission or knowledge. Many of these programs “sneak” through when you download other files like games, music or freeware. You may also get infected by visiting malicious websites, clicking on links in spam emails, or sharing networks with others. You may never know where it actually came from, but you will realize you have a problem when you begin getting bombarded by pop-up ads and your browser redirects you to strange websites. The slowness of your computer will be another tell-tale sign.

While you can remove Advanced Virus Protection yourself, this is not advised due to the risk of damage to your PC. All related files and values must be detected so that you can delete them, which is a difficult process. To remove this rogue, simply get the best antispyware tool available, one that is 100% guaranteed. Restore security, and protect it from future attacks!

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  1. spyware king says:

    Spyware can be a absolute pain and in some cases severly damaging. I find that I need to have a spyware blocker otherwise my computer just gets inundated with spyware. The top selling ones such as spyware doctor do actually work and are worth the cost. Some of the ‘free’ spyware blockers are actually spyware in disguise!

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