AdvancedPrivacyGuard – Advanced, Yes; Privacy No!

AdvancedPrivacyGuard is a counterfeit antispyware program that shows up unannounced on your computer one day and begins to “scan” your machine for what it would consider threats to your systems security. Shortly it comes up with a fairly scary list that urges you to take action to purge these entities from your computer, or else you may indeed find yourself in a pickle, with your personal information at risk and your computer itself rendered into a quaking mass of slobbering, sputtering chips, practically useless for any of your purposes.

While it is very important to take action to remove any spyware, adware or other security threats from your system, using AdvancedPrivacyGuard to do it would be a mistake of the highest magnitude! AdvancedPrivacyGuard will take your money, then proceed to download even more spyware, some of it much more dangerous than AdvancedPrivacyGuard itself. Then you’re really up the creek! They can include applications that will record your every keystroke (do any online banking, or buy anything online?) which can potentially compromise all your sensitive info very quickly.

Trying to be handy and attempting to get rid of AdvancedPrivacyGuard all by yourself is really not an option, either. AdvancedPrivacyGuard is very clever in the way it hides itself and disguises its file names. In your zeal to get it all, you will no doubt miss some and delete others that are crucial to the efficient operation of your computer.

The only real way to ensure that you get rid of all traces of AdvancedPrivacyGuard and all its minions is to make use of a trusted and proven antispyware software solution that will hunt it down and purge it from all the dark corners of your system it has hidden itself in. The best choice for this that I know of is a software called SpyZooka. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will have your system restored to former glory in time. Give it a try and see if I’m not right!

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