Adware BHO.aka the New Generation

When first developed, the developers of adware had one goal in mind, to deliver advertising at no cost to them. To help you understand this a little better, if you have ever experienced adware on your computer, you may have noticed that the pop ups ads that appeared were similar to what you were searching for, but not the exact results you wanted. This is because the adware was designed to track your computer activity so they could get an idea of the types of things you were looking for. In turn, they insert their ads with the hopes that you will click onto to one of them. Adware BKO.aka the new generation has a twist of malice to their game. Their intent is to modify adware so you will still receive pops ups, just not the pops that most of us want to see.

Digging Deeper into the New Adware

The developers, hackers, or what ever you want to call them have found away to bypass security systems set up on your computer and perform malicious acts such as deleted dll files, adding and deleted items on your desktop, even recording your personal information that you have stored on your system.

The most commonly used method infecting your computer with adware is through free file sharing websites. What you think might be a harmless free download, could actually be an invitation for adware to come in. Another trick that the developers use are pops notifying you that your system is at risk and you need to install the software to fix the problem before your system fails. Beginners are sucked into this con because they want to fix the problem immediately, while those who have already been down the road know not to download anything that is not from a trusted source.

There is only one way to keep your computer adware/spyware free and that is with a good spyware removal program. Since this program will be protecting you investment, you want to make sure that it provides automatic updates to combat and new adware/spyware, and you want to be certain that it can offer complete removal of the adware/spyware.

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