Adware.ShopPoint Advisory

Adware.ShopPoint is a browser plug-in adware program. Such adware attaches itself to your browser, particularly Internet Explorer. This allows the program to run undetected and with great availability to your personal information.

Just think of a single online transaction—what information would you unintentionally give Adware.ShopPoint? The program would now have log-ins, passwords, physical addresses and payment information.

The adware also provides advertising. This can be in the form of pop-ups and banners, or it can change your toolbars and redirect your searches to their desired sites.

This program is a great security risk, and we recommend you remove it. Doing it yourself is beyond most user’s skills. This is particularly true for Adware.ShopPoint because it can update and refresh every time you restart the Internet.

The best way to remove this and all spyware from your computer is SpyZooka. It is an award winning software that offers a 100% money-back guarantee! Try their free scan today!

Adware.ShopPoint file contents:


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