Antispyware2009 – Just One More Fraud to Avoid

For the average pc user, it is difficult to know what software products to use to remove spyware. There are so many bogus programs floating around, and Antispyware2009 is another you should add to your list. This is a fake application designed to trick users out of their money, by frightening them into believing that their computer is infected with all sorts of bad things. Truthfully, security threats may not even exist.

Antispyware2009 displays messages about the security of your pc in order to scare you. These alerts will usually come via pop-up ads and look very authentic. They will inform you that severe security risks and other infections reside on your pc, and that you should download their free scan to detect infections. Once done, these applications will inform you that the threats are so numerous and severe that you must purchase the fully licensed product to insure complete removal.

Here’s the truth: Antispyware2009 cannot detect any type of infection or security threat on your computer, so the scan results are totally bogus! It is simply a ploy to get you to spend money on their worthless product. There are vicious, unconscionable people in this world that create programs like this to steal money from innocent victims. Sadly, it works much of the time.

This application may possibly be removed manually, but is not recommended. Unless you are a computer expert, you will likely remove files that should not be removed, or leave files that should be deleted. This will cause a whole host of problems, including damage to your pc. The use of a legitimate antispyware tool is the best solution when you do have spyware. If not removed immediately, Antispyware2009 will actually place malware and other infections on your computer.

The symptoms of spyware are obvious. Some of these include annoying pop-up and banner ads, a slowing of your computer, and changes to your browser. You may notice that your browser is redirecting to strange websites, and that the ads you receive seem to be related to your online searches. This is because spyware collects information about what you do online. It can also pose a threat to your personal identity, because it can get access to passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information.

Whether you believe you have Antispyware2009 or some other malware on your computer, it must be removed. By ignoring it, you run the risk of additional threats being placed on your pc, which can lead to bigger problems. A legitimate antispyware removal tool will take care of this problem.

Spyzooka is unique in that it is the only antispyware program that guarantees 100% removal of viruses, trojans, worms and other parasites that may exist on your pc. No other product makes this claim and we can assure you that security will be totally restored or your money back. Protect your pc as well as your personal identity with Spyzooka!

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