How do I Rid My Computer of Antivirus2009?

So you’ve fallen victim to that malicious little program known as Antivirus2009. If it’s any comfort you’re not alone. Several thousand people have done just what you did. They downloaded and then ran the pesky little bugger. Not only did they run it, but in some cases they even fell for the sales pitch that accompanies the program.

Now that you have recognized just what Antivirus2009 has done to your computer system what can you do about it? There are several different things. To start with you can attempt to clean your system.

If you choose the do it yourself route just be sure that you are comfortable taking on the very core of your operating system. There are four steps in the process.

• Remove the Antivirus2009 DLL files

• Disable the software via the Windows Task Manager utility

• Uninstall the exe program assigned to the software

• Remove the registry entries for the Antivirus2009 program

Each of these steps will require that you know your computer and also know what your looking for in the way of files attached to the Antivirus2009 program. There are step-by-step instructions available at a number of internet sites. Simply enter “remove antivirus2009 program” into your search engine.

Step one can be both intimidating and time consuming. Are there easier ways? Yes there are, read on.

There are many versions of reputable anti-spyware software on the market. Any one of which can detect and remove programs like Antivirus2009. Likewise there are even more software labels that simply can’t do the job. In fact there are a small number that introduce additional adware and spyware programs into your system.

How to determine what’s best? The primary method used by these software programs is data based, that is they store specific configurations of software script to be on guard for. The problem arises when the information stored in the data base is behind the curve, when the malicious software comes up with a script not yet known to the data base.  One of the most important considerations when looking to buy is the availability of a current data base.

You need to take an objective look at the available software. Ask others what they use and if they’ve had any problems. Drop by your local computer repair shop and speak to a tech. Look up reviews on the internet, being sure to include independent reviewers in your search.

Whichever method you select, be sure that it’s the last time you’ll be looking for the answer to this problem.

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