Appoli – Not a Nice City in Italy!

Appoli is another of those pesky adware applications that proceed to hijack your Internet Explorer browser and display an unending stream of popup advertisements on your computer. It is a browser helper object that installs as a toolbar, and monitors your web surfing habits and passes that information along to its third party servers, which delivers back a ton of unwanted and unsolicited ads for your web surfing annoyance, possibly even throws in a few pornographic sites to boot!.

You probably got this on your computer by downloading a file from a suspect site, or it may have come bundled with other freeware or shareware. It’s possible that another computer in your network could have also passed it along to you. But however it got there; it’s not always so easy to get rid of. It conceals itself very well, as you can’t simply go to your delete programs utility in your control panel and get rid of it. You won’t find any traces of it there! It’s not in your system tray either, and there is no uninstall for this kind of application.

Some other signs that you may have an Appoli infection besides the ads include would be a vastly slower Web surfing experience, as well as a new default browser homepage, and even possibly new shortcuts on your desktop that lead to sites you may not want to go to. It is quite safe to say you don’t want anything to do with Appoli. It will be sure to leave you with even more problems than simply itself!

The best way to get rid of an adware like Appoli is to employ good antispyware software. Attempting to do this yourself is way beyond the scope of things for most of us, and even if you manage to get some of it, you’ll almost always miss a file or two. The best antispyware software solution I know of is SpyZooka, which will get rid of Appoli along with many, many more!

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