Avoid Nano Antivirus – It’s Just Another Fake

What is Nano Antivirus? It’s simply another fake application like some of the other rogue anti-spyware applications out there that are created for the purpose of taking your money. As you know, I spend much of my time investigating anti-spyware programs to find out which are real and which are not. This one is a total scam, and dangerous as well.

Nearly anyone who uses a computer often will experience a virus or spyware at some point. However, you can’t believe every message you get on your computer. Programs like Nano Antivirus will display alerts to you, warning that infections and security threats are present. This application, as well as many other fakes, does not really scan your pc at all. Therefore, the results they show are totally bogus. It’s just a ploy to get you to buy their product.

Where does Nano Antivirus come from? It may be installed by Trojans, or can be installed manually by malicious websites. It is a fairly high threat, so removing it swiftly is indicated. This software can cause your computer to slow, and it could possibly erase data. It may also contaminate your system registry. Like most rogue anti-spyware applications, this one is totally useless.

Legitimate anti-spyware products are designed to remove infections like these. If you don’t really know much about spyware and other applications that can pose dangerous threats to your pc, let me explain a little further. Spyware is installed on your computer for the purpose of tracking you while online. Your searches, websites you visit, and even passwords and business information may be no secret from these malicious software applications.

Spyware collects all of this information about you, and sends it to third party sites. This way, they can send pop-up ads that are relevant to your interests, and scam emails as well. Sometimes, it is simply an attempt to get you to purchase from these ads and email messages. Other times, it can really be dangerous. Your personal identity may be at risk, so you understand why it is urgent that you remove these programs.

Here are some signs that you may have a problem:

? Numerous pop-up advertisements or a changed homepage
? Slow performance of your pc
? Redirected browser or new toolbars installed

These are just a few of the more common symptoms you may see. Occasionally, your system may totally crash. When highly threatening applications are installed on your PC, it can cause problems that are nearly irreparable. I suggest that if you have any signs of spyware or applications like Nano Antivirus on your computer, remove it now.

Spyzooka is an authentic anti-spyware program that will absolutely restore security to your pc with just one scan. In fact, we guarantee it 100%. Worms, trojans, viruses and other infections will be a thing of the past, and you won’t have to worry about the security of your pc any further. Spyzooka will restore your peace of mind!

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