Show How SpyZooka Or RegZooka Saved Your PC And Win Up To $500!

Interested? Here’s how to take part…Make a video that shows how either SpyZooka or RegZooka [or both titles] saved your PC. Simply; think up an idea, shoot it, submit it, and win up to $500 in cash! Below are all the prizes available to contestants:

•    First Prize: $500
•    Second Prize: $250
•    Third Prize: $150


All eligible video entries will receive 1 year licenses for both SpyZooka and RegZooka. [Winners will be sent registration keys for the software titles by email]. Winners of cash prizes will also be notified by email, and they’ll have a choice of multiple payment methods i.e. PayPal, wire transfer or check.

ZookaWare will post the top video finalists on YouTube, Facebook and Our Facebook fans will then have the opportunity to vote for the first, second and third place winners. [To become a fan, join our ZookaWare Facebook page here].

Submission/Entry Process

Step 1: Create Your Video:
Create an original video that is approximately 30 seconds long. Tell us what is so awesome about SpyZooka and/or RegZooka, and how the software helped save your PC. Each submission will be considered one “Entry”. You may submit multiple Entries so long as each entry meets all requirements. Each entry should be; original, creative, humorous, and appeal to a worldwide audience. Humor counts. For example, you could tell us about how your partner told you to buy SpyZooka to get rid the “Spartans” that were causing pop-ups on the family PC, or explain the trials you had trying to solve your spyware/registry problem until you used SpyZooka/RegZooka. There’s so much that’s exciting about SpyZooka and RegZooka; the possibilities are endless. Be creative!

Step 2: Share Your Video:

Upload the video to or another public video hosting service.

Step 3: Submit Your Video:
Send a link to your video to with the following information:

•    Name:
•    Address:
•    Phone Number:
•    Email Address:
•    Website Address of Video: [Please do not send actual videos]

Contest Calendar
–    August 15-November 15. Submit your video entry.
–    November 17-31. Vote for your favorite videos.
–    December 1. See who won! The Grand Prize Winner is announced.

You must be 18 years or older to submit a video. If you are under 18, a consent letter from a parent, guardian or teacher is required at time of submission.  The contest is open to anyone in the world.

Do not include any company confidential information or details that may be inappropriate to share with the general public. By participating you give us the right to use the video on BluePenguin’s website and/or in other marketing promotions related to ZookaWare and/or this contest.

All Entries must be in English. Registration of entries that are in any other language will not be considered. Illegible, incomplete or inaccurate entries, entries that do not comply with the official rules, entries with URLs that cannot be accessed by the Judges, and entries submitted by mail or facsimile are void. Entries that are lewd, obscene, pornographic, disparaging of ZookaWare or otherwise contain objectionable material may be disqualified. Only original submissions that are personally created will be eligible to win. Please make sure you have the right to use all elements contained in your video, including items like music or photos.

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