BullseyeNetwork– Adware of the Worst Kind

I have an experience to share, but before I begin I need to share some terms with you. The first term is adware. Adware is a program written to bring you advertisements. These advertisements usually take the place of pop-ups, but can take the form of floating ads, pop-unders, and banner ads. The second term is browser helper object, or BHO. Browser helper objects often take the form of toolbars and are known to hijack your homepage and search results. Both adware and browser helper objects can spy on your Internet usage and pass it on to an outside source.

One day I started getting pop-ups. These pop-ups would not close or minimize like other pop-ups I had gotten in the past. I kept having to restart my computer to be able to do anything. I did some research on BullseyeNetwork and found out that it is adware and has several names. BullseyeNetwork is also known as BargainBuddy, CashBackBuddy, eXact Searchbar, and NaviSearch. It was created by Exact Advertising. Like many adware programs, BullseyeNetwork forces itself onto your computer without your knowledge or permission. It can also access the Internet without you knowing it and update itself from a remote server.

Removing BullseyeNetwork proved a difficult task. I tried going to add/remove programs and uninstalling, but as soon as I restarted my computer the pop-ups would start again. I did some research and found that the only way to remove adware these days is using an anti-spyware program. The problem is that most anti-spyware only removes 80-90% of an infection, leaving you either still infected or with enough files for the infection to reinstall itself.

Then I discovered SpyZooka, a program that removes 100% of your infection…Guaranteed. No other company even tries to remove 100%, let alone guarantee that it will be done! I had to try it. I downloaded, installed, and ran SpyZooka, and it completely took care of my BullseyeNetwork problem. No more pop-ups that won’t close, no more toolbar; it is all gone.

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