Defender 2009 Removal

Defender 2009 is a rogue security tool disguised as a legitimate spyware removal tool. Through security alerts, it will attempt to convince the user that security threats and infections reside on their PC so that they will purchase the product. Defender 2009 is itself spyware that will eat up system resources and memory, and cause poor performance. You will notice this in the slowing of your PC, and you will also be bombarded with pop-up ads. Defender 2009 can put the security of your computer and personal information at risk and should be removed at once. This application sends the information it collects about you to remote servers in order to send pop-up ads to you that are related to your browsing habits.

Remove Defender 2009 at Once

Malware Defender 2009

Manual Removal:
Manual removal of Defender 2009 is a difficult process that should not be attempted unless you are highly experienced. In order to do this, you must first detect all related files and stop running processes. Files related to Defender 2009 are virtually impossible to detect as they hide from the user. When done incorrectly, manual removal may cause permanent damage to your PC. Using a reputable antispyware tool like Spyzooka is recommended. Spyzooka will scan your PC and detect all security threats and parasites, then remove them completely so that security is fully restored.

Related Files:
%Program Files%Malware Defender 2009conf.cfg
%Program Files%Malware Defender 2009mbase.vdb
%Program Files%Malware Defender 2009quarantine.vdb
%Program Files%Malware Defender 2009queue.vdb
%Program Files%Malware Defender 2009vbase.vdb
%Program Files%Malware Defender 2009quarantine
%Documents and Settings%All UsersApplication DataMicrosoftMedia IndexDrivers
%Documents and Settings%All UsersApplication DataMicrosoftMedia
%Documents and Settings%All UsersApplication DataMicrosoftMedia IndexDriversc.cgm
%UserProfile%DesktopMalware Defender 2009.lnk
%UserProfile%Start MenuProgramsMalware Defender 2009Malware Defender 2009.lnk
%UserProfile%Start MenuProgramsMalware Defender 2009Uninstall.lnk

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