Delf is a large family of spyware applications that are capable of searching your computer and gaining access to passwords and log in ID’s. Delf is known to penetrate security in your PC in order to collect and steal data. This data may be sold to third parties, or may be used to access your personal accounts.

Any spyware is capable of causing damage to your PC, and affects operating performance. People with infected computers often notice their PC running slowly, or even freezing. This is partly due to the fact that these malicious applications run continuously in the background, eating up system resources.

To remove Delf, you may try to locate it in the add/remove programs in your control panel. You may also attempt to edit the registry by locating all related Delf files and deleting them. Manual removal can be a dangerous and difficult process, and is not advised. To remove Delf and all other security threats from your PC, a reputable antispyware tool like Spyzooka is highly recommended.

Delf Worm,
Delf trojan

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3 Responses

  1. ben wright says:

    My NOD32 detected a worm, named “delf” on macbook but has not given me a delete option. The thing is i had ZERO idea about what to do, the nod32 sad in information: cleaned by deleting – quarantined , but it keeped on sending me these messages about the virus. I read about your site one day and now I decided to download Delf Remover.
    Thanks for the help!

  2. Osvaldo Robinson says:

    I had a virus (Delf) which can be cought and deleted by Avast but after restarting it appeard again. I had to try lots of removal tools, but nothing happen. Yesterday I found out about Spyzooka and I wasn’t decided to use it, because I was scared to be a trick. So I called a friend, and he told me that I have nothing to loose if I try it.
    Thanks to you, now my computer works really good…just like new 🙂

  3. Eugene says:

    SpyZooka helped me to clean my PC from the Delf Worm after several other programs failed…

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