.EBoard – Just a Low Level Nuisance

.Eboard is an old spyware program. It was originally launched back in November of 2004 by FullCircle LLC. It’s not a complicated bit of spyware, nor is a very threatening one. It was created when most computers had less memory available, and so it’s a smaller and simpler program. The intent, apparently, wasn’t even all that malicious. There were, even then, some pretty nasty adware bugs out there. All the same, it’s still an annoying bit of software.

This is about as basic of a spyware program as you can get. It most often comes in a package deal, bundled with some other software. It creates the executable files MS_Services.exe and MS_Patcher.exe when it gets installed. After this is done, it connects with a remote server to get advertisements to display. Of course, these are in the form of pop ups. It does all this without telling you anything, or asking if you want it to. It just takes it all upon itself and gets in the way of your internet experience.

This is a bit of an annoyance with your computer, but not really much more. Because of the communication with the remote website, and the operating of the pop up windows, there will be some drain on your computer’s memory, but not as much as if, say, it searched through your Temp files and you’re your information to this remote server. That, or if the pop ups were full screen video. It is a relatively innocent, though annoying program.

.EBoard, obviously, doesn’t get the circulation it used to. Most reputable spyware rating sites give it a low threat score. This was a smaller adware for days when people had less memory in their computers. It might take a substantial amount of your memory if you only have 128M or 256M of RAM. Regardless of how light it is on your resources, do you really want to keep it around, knowing that it’s using memory that you could be using just to annoy you? Do you really want pop ups?

This program is just one of many adware programs out to get on your computer. Most of them are far more threatening. It’s always good to be protected with the best service even with the slightest infection, just in case the worst case comes up. In fact, it’s even better to get a good antispyware program when you’re not infected, when you’re not worried about getting something quickly to remove your problem. That way, you can really determine what brand is best.

Nearly every spyware removal or protection tool will claim that it’s the best. A quick Google search will show you that. What truly separates who is the best is what they can offer. SpyZooka offers a 100 percent spyware removal guarantee. We can back this up because we have a bot that scans the internet constantly looking for new spyware definitions. When a new spyware comes out, we will have figured out how to remove it within minutes! No one else can claim that.

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