estAlive — Adware and Trojan

I recently became infected with estAlive. I started getting pop-ups, which makes estAlive adware. I found out that adware is a program written expressly to deliver advertisements to you. Adware gives you advertisements in several ways. The most common was is through pop-ups, but can also use pop-unders, banners, floating advertisements, web browser redirection, and search result redirection. Some adware can collect information on you and pass it on to an outside source. This information could range from web browsing activities to personal information.

Then my computer slowed down and would crash. My Internet Explorer settings would be changed and when I did some research on what was going on with my computer, found I was infected with estAlive. I was just in time as I found out that eventually it will block your Internet connection. I also found out that estAlive is known by a few other names. These names are: Trojan.SmartAllYe, Adware.Win32.IEHlpr.e, and AskYaya. Since one of the names estAlive is known by starts with “Trojan” this means estAlive is a Trojan as well as adware. Trojans are programs that get onto your computer and then make it more vulnerable to future entry by hackers or the programmer that created the Trojan. They can also do damage to your computer.

I knew I had to get estAlive off my computer when I found all this out, but the antivirus and anti-spyware tools I had didn’t work. They would seem to work, but when I restarted my computer, estAlive was always back. I started looking for a real solution. Then I found A program that guarantees 100% removal when other programs are failing to remove the problem? I was sold. So I downloaded, installed, and ran SpyZooka. It removed estAlive completely. No more pop-ups and my computer was back to normal operating speeds. I changed my Internet Explorer settings back to where I wanted them and they stayed that way. All thanks to SpyZooka, and now that I have it on my computer I’m protected from future infections.

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