eXPress Antivirus

eXPress Antivirus is a rogue security program that uses aggressive and misleading tactics to con the user into purchasing a product that does not exist.  This application displays incessant security warnings to the user, stating that infections reside on their PC and inviting them to download a scan to detect these parasites so they may be removed.  Upon completion of the scan, the user is informed that they must purchase the full version of eXPress Antivirus to remove the parasites.  eXPress Antivirus is incapable of performing a scan; nor can it detect or remove threats.  This application is malware, and may make your computer slow or unstable.  It may also access private information, and install additional malware on your PC.

Recommended Action:
Remove at once

Express Antivirus
ExpressAntivirus 2009

Manual Removal:
To remove eXPress Antivirus manually, it is necessary to kill all running processes.  You must then locate all related files and values in the Windows registry so that you can delete them.  Manual removal is difficult, and not advised unless you are very experienced in the process, as it may damage your computer.

To remove eXPress Antivirus automatically, it is recommended that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as SpyZooka, which is designed specifically for this purpose.

Related Files:
%program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\conf.cfg %program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\mbase.vdb %program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\queue.vdb %program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\uninstall.exe %program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\vbase.vdb %program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\uninstall.exe %program_files%\\\\express antivirus 2009\\\\expressantivirus.exe expressav.exe

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  1. Bobby Cage says:

    I was surfing the Internet when eXPress Antivirus popped out then started saying I am infected. AVG is also said that I am infected with eXPress Antivirus, but it wasn’t able to remove it. I had to search for a removal tool, because I couldn’t do things by myself and this is how I found out about Blue Penguin. SpyZooka’s removal tool was a real help for me. Now everything is fine with my computer. Thanks a lot!

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