FastVideoPlayer is a dialer that uses your computer’s modem to call high-cost toll numbers that connect to pornographic locations and download them to your PC. You may have gotten FastVideoPlayer from not practicing safe surfing habits and visiting questionable websites, or because your operating system and security settings are not strong. FastVideoPlayer may install additional malware on your PC, which will cause poor performance and possibly popup ads. It may also send out emails from your account that you did not write, or collect information about your online activities. Manual removal of FastVideoPlayer requires locating and deleting all related files and registry keys using your registry editor, which is a complex process. To remove FastVideoPlayer quickly and thoroughly, it is advised that you use a reliable antispyware program such as Spyzooka, which will scan your PC for viruses and other security threats and completely restore security with a single scan.


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  1. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Hello, bought a license for your antivirus tool and I must say it was totally awesome! It cleaned FastVideoPlayer trojan which was a real pain in the ass for the last 8 months and it also found and killed Virtumonde together with all its files and a few other low level infections. I was already thinking about formatting and losing tons of information when I found your tool on the internet.

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