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While the term “spyware software” is usually attributed to unwanted programs installed onto a computer, it can also be purposely downloaded. When one party wants to unknowingly spy on another party, they simply download or install the spyware software and start watching and recording.

Most spyware software companies market these products for two main purposes. The first is for parental spying. A suspicious parent who wants to see what their kids are really doing online can simply install the spyware software and see what types of websites their kids are going to. They can also keep tabs on the emails they are writing.

The other main use for this type of spyware software is in employment situations. Sometimes a company will install the software on some or all of the computers used by employees. This allows them to keep track of productivity. An employee who spends all day shopping online will likely be reprimanded or fired. Some companies even make their employees aware that the spyware software is on every computer in order to deter them from misusing the technology in the first place.

Whether the spyware software is used by parents or employers, it has a long list of capabilities that allow the installer total access by logging every keystroke. The spyware software logs all computer activities, including the following:

* Email: Every email address address and email that is typed into the computer is recorded.

* Websites: Every website that is visited is logged. This can include screenshots of whatever the user is looking at.

* Chatrooms: Like email, every keystroke and conversation is logged.

These spyware software programs include features that keep them from being detected by virus scanners. They allow whoever installed the program 24-hour live access to the computers in order to surveil when they see fit.

Much controversy surrounds these spyware software programs. Ethical issues dealing with personal privacy are stated in every debate. It has become an even greater with the explosion of hacker-created spyware software.

When a hacker makes spyware software, they are generally seeking to cause harm in some manner. Their purposes go far beyond surveiling the computer user. Spyware software made by hackers is created with the purpose of either stealing personal information or ruining certain computer functions.

Hackers conceal spyware software through various disguises. The most common are the following:

* Spam: Spam is annoying, and sometimes harmful when it includes spyware software. Never open emails from a source you don’t recognize.

* Pop-ups: Pop-ups are another inconvenience that can carry far greater consequences. Be sure not to click “okay” or “yes” or even “cancel” on pop ups. Even the ones that say they’ve detected spyware on your computer can actually be spyware software.

* Keyloggers: These are the worst kind of spyware software. Usually you won’t even be aware they exist on your computer. Keyloggers record your every keystroke and send back personal information to the hacker.

With cautious Internet habits and antispyware software, most spyware from hackers can be detected, cleaned, and prevented.


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