Funcade — Not Fun And Games

I had an experience recently with a program called Funcade. It appeared on my computer without my intending to install it, but it was free games so I thought I’d keep it a little bit. Then the pop-ups started. These pop-ups pretended to be system warnings, but were really advertisements. When the pop-ups started I decided that Funcade needed to go. When I went to uninstall it through add/remove programs Funcade seemed to uninstall, but was back on reboot.

It was at that point that I decided I needed to know what I was dealing with so hit the Web for some research. I found out that Funcade comes bundled with other programs. These programs are mainly screen savers and file sharing programs but include a couple other programs to be wary of. Funcade also comes with UnSpyPC which pretends to be an anti-spyware program, but in reality is spyware. Another program to be wary of that Funcade bundles itself with is WinFixer 2005 and WinFixer 2006 which are also spyware. Since Funcade is bundled with these programs, it installs itself without your knowledge or permission. I think that says a lot about Funcade.

Since add/remove programs didn’t uninstall Funcade, I had to find another way to get it off my computer. I did some research and found that I needed to get an anti-spyware program. Seems simple, but it’s not. There are a lot of programs out there that pretend to be anti-spyware, but are really spyware. Then if you get a real anti-spyware program you have no guarantee that it will get Funcade off your computer. This is because most anti-spyware only removes 80-90% of an infection.

Then I came across a program called SpyZooka. SpyZooka guarantees 100% removal of your infection. No other anti-spyware company even tries to give you that level of assurance! I had to try it. I’m quite happy to say that after SpyZooka got done with Funcade, it is completely removed from my computer and I have no more of those pop-ups.

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