Galaxies of Trouble With The andromedaantivirus

It’s a toss up between what is more prevalent, the corrupt antivirus tools, or the corrupt antispyware tools. Either way about it, collectively, the rogue security tool family of malware is a big problem on the Internet. Programs like andromedaantivirus run rampant and are gunning for the unsuspecting user. The big problem is that most antispyware programs can’t keep up with these programs, leaving their users as open targets.

It would seem at first glance that corrupt security tools target dishonest users. They lurk behind infected websites that mostly appeal to seekers after free pornography, online gambling, and online pharmacies that can bypass doctor’s orders.

Unfortunately, they also will inhabit websites that might be found by people looking for more innocent and “paid for” products, like antispyware software. In fact, every corrupt security tool has a website geared just for this kind of surfer.

Also, corrupt security programs will inhabit downloads, mostly targeting people looking for freebies. Most of the time, these downloads are in peer to peer file sharing communities and downloads of pirated material.

Aside from the dangers of infection by these programs, viruses, worms and spyware, Internet piracy has an additional risk. It’s illegal. Being an Internet pirate might be a thrilling prospect to some people, but the risks just aren’t worthwhile. There is no excitement in going to prison or dealing with malware infections.

Unfortunately, avoiding these practices is no guarantee of safety. There have been reports of corrupt security software infections from downloading from legitimate companies. The only actual guarantee anyone has is what is provided by their current antispyware software. If you land on one of these pages or make one of these downloads, your antispyware has failed you.

If this is the case, and you click that fateful button, here’s what you can expect. You’re immediately infected. A pop up window will appear telling you that your computer has infected files. True enough…now. The “infected files” it’s referring to are actually your temporary internet files, which are safe as long as no one else sees them.

Then it will tell you that you can remove these files if you buy the full version of their software. Think about it, this was an unsolicited scan, and it won’t let you turn down their offer. There’s something fishy here. What really sucks is that their product is way overpriced. You only have one way out now. Turn off your computer and get a real antispyware program to clean things up.

My suggestion to fix your problem is SpyZooka. We’re the only antispyware software company that offers a 100% spyware removal guarantee. We’re constantly on the look out for new spyware definitions and infected webpages. Within minutes of a spyware’s release, you have a fix for it. Updating doesn’t get any faster than what we have. That’s how we back our 100% spyware removal guarantee. Along with the SpyGuard spyware prevention feature on our program, it doesn’t get any safer on the Internet.

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