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Adware.Virt is an adware program that attaches itself to your Internet browser in order to display ads on your PC. These can take the form of pop-up or pop-under ads, toolbars and/or modification of your Internet searches.

In order to track your computer habits and to run without exposure, it runs within Windows. This also makes it more difficult to detect it.

Adware.Virt also has the ability to self-update, but the scariest part is that it sends your personal information back to its programmers! Protect your privacy and your computer by removing this spyware.

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Relative file contents:
%programfilesdir%\Windows NetCross2\edits.dat
%programfilesdir%\Windows NetCross2\update.dat
%programfilesdir%\Windows NetCross2\Updater.exe
%programfilesdir%\Windows NetCross2\keywords.dat

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