Have You Heard of Samoware?

If you are having problems with annoying advertisements on your pc, you may be infected with Samoware or some other adware. The main purpose of such programs is to display relevant ads to you, usually through pop-up and banner ads. You may wonder where this came from, and what you need to do to stop the irritating ads. Here is some information you may find interesting. If you suspect you have something like this on your pc, you need to read this.

Adware is advertising software. These programs are made to track your online activities, and display ads that may be of interest to you. Sometimes the information that is collected about you is sold to third parties. Samoware and other programs like it are not something that is desirable to have on your pc. So, where did this come from? More than likely, through another program you downloaded.

Advertising software often piggybacks on programs you download such as freeware, computer games, weather and instant news. They usually hide in the background, and you don’t realize you have a problem until you begin getting barraged by pop-up and banner ads. Although ads are the main symptom, you may also notice that your computer becomes unstable or starts running much slower than normal.

The best thing you can do is to get rid of these undesirable programs. Occasionally, they can gain access to information you don’t want them to, such as online business account information and passwords. You can understand why the best thing you can do is to eliminate adware. This can be accomplished by using a reputable anti-spyware product. These are made for this purpose. A good product will scan your pc for viruses and other threats, remove them, and restore security to your pc.

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