How To Handle The Insidious Antivirus XP 2008 Scam!

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be saddled with an infection of Antivirus XP 2008 then you not only have my sympathies, but you have a large headache as well. Antivirus XP 2008 is a form of rogue antispyware that actually appears on your website through other malware and Trojan horses that have found their way onto your computer. This one comes in the form of an advertisement that tells you that, “Surprise!” your computer is infected with various malware and other threats and you need to do something about it!

Sometimes you don’t even have to have done anything to install this beast. It will attach and install itself! Once it’s found a home on your computer, it gives you a long laundry list of items that need to be cleaned from your machine, which of course can best be accomplished by purchasing their software. They even run a fake scan that mimics real ones (except that they’re over very quickly!) to present you with all these bogus threats that aren’t even really there.Their whole intent is to try and get you to whip out your credit card and pony up for this unnecessary software to rid your computer of these fictitious problems! What you really need to get rid of is the occurrences of Antivirus XP 2008 that show up on your machine, some of which are very clever.

Often you’ll get a fake Internet Explorer message telling you all sorts of nonsense. For example, that Google has found your computer to be riddled with infection, annoyingly persistent pop-ups forever warning you about your bogus infections, and other messages designed to scare you into buying their software. In short you are bombarded with a host of warnings to buy or else!

Completely ridding yourself of Antivirus XP 2008 is sometimes problematic. Some people have success by starting up their PC in Safe Mode, locating the offending files, and deleting them. This can be a very long, drawn out procedure, as this little bugger finds its way into many different places. Knowing where to look is key, and most of us don’t have enough skills to do this on our own. Also, you may accidentally delete files that are necessary for the function of your computer.

Most anti-virus programs such as Norton are unable to deal with spyware and malware, and usually make no claims to be able to. If you need help in removing Antivirus XP 2008 from your computer you need to check out top of the line antispyware products like Spyzooka. Not only are they more versed in the current spyware and malware out there eating up your systems and pocketbooks, but they are best equipped to help you get rid of these threats. Left unchecked, a computer infested with these types of problems will end up at best, very difficult and annoying to use; and at worst, for all intents and purposes, will be of no use to anyone except the spyware and malware residing there!

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