Is Someone on Your Computer besides You, BHO.ahn

Adware is installed on your computer without your knowledge and it monitors your activity. It’s kind of an eerie feeling wondering is someone on your computer besides you. BHO.ahn is a browser helper object, that attempts take control of your Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. This adware is typically hidden from the Windows Task Manager, so you never know it’s there.
This program is designed to display advertising (Windows DLL file, written in Visual C++). The file is 69632 bytes in size, and the original file name is IEHelper.dll.

This adware is automatically executed by Windows Explorer each time Windows is started. The goal is to change your Internet Explorer home page, showing irritating pop-ups and advertisements. It can also monitor your address bar and redirect your browser to some strange address that you know you didn’t want. Perhaps this has happened to you before, and you thought you were losing your mind, but in actuality, your computer was probably infected with adware.

You can attempt to remove a BHO manually – Control Panel – Internet Options – Advanced – Uncheck “Enable 3rd party browser extensions,” terminate the Internet Explorer and remove .dll file of BHO or you can try removing it  – Select tools – Manager Add-ons. From there, you can see any unwanted Internet Explorer add-ons and remove them, maybe….

One of the reasons that many people have turned to Firefox is because it has an option to remove unwanted add-ons. If you do suspect Firefox is infected, you can simply select Tools – Add-Ons, and uninstall any unwanted toolbars from there.

A common problem that many face when trying to uninstall adware manually using the Add/Remove Programs is that there may still be hidden files, which will come back after a reboot. If you suspect your computer has been infected, it is highly recommended that you use a spyware removal tool to be sure that you have removed all traces of the adware. Failure to do so will cause havoc on your PC and on you with the annoying pop-up and unwanted advertisements.

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