It’s Really Sad What Sadbiz (BHO.agy) Can Do To Your PC

Said to hail from China, this potentially dangerous trojan sweeps in and attempts to take control of your PC by logging your activities and collecting virtual screenshots. It’s really sad what Sadbiz (BHO.agy) can do to your PC, and the creators can actually make money by connecting to your website and attempting to redirect or use pop-up banner advertisements with a “pay per view” scheme.

Just as with any attacker, the ultimate goal of Sadbiz is to open up a back door and sneak in. From there, all of your information is gathered and sent to a specified email address. Don’t be fooled, this type of Trojan “sets up shop” in your computer’s memory and remains there. What you might think is the need to delete cookies, compress old files, or empty your Recycle Bin, is Sadbiz working its magic by consuming your bandwidth and slowing down your computer almost to a complete stop. Think about that the next time your computer has the delayed “press a key and wait for it to appear on the screen,” reaction.

The program is normally launched at startup and normally connects to the internet when you are downloading free programs or applications. Of course, there is no advanced warning (Would you warn someone if you were going to attack?).

It is possible to unknowingly install Sadbiz when you visit malicious web pages. I say unknowingly because none of us would intentionally download malicious software onto our computers. Beware of the word “Free,” especially when it is being offered from an unknown source. What is thought to be free could actually end up costing you not only in dollars for computer repair, but downtime on your PC.

If you don’t have protection for your PC, you are opening the back door and the front door for them to come on in and destroy your computer.

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