Win32.Knokk Trojan

Win32.Knokk is known to be a dangerous backdoor Trojan program.  It is comprised of 65033 bytes, is written in C + + and is packed using UPX.  Once it has infiltrated, it will copy itself into this directory: % System% \ explore.exe.  The program will wait for directions from its author.  The author who is actually a hacker will send the program instructions on e-mail addresses of sites that he wants him to connect to.

Trojan: Generic.dx! Ijs
Mal / Generic-A
Win32/Knock.AA trojan

Backdoor Trojan

Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

For manual removal, you must follow these steps:
Delete the original file (its location depends on how the program originally penetrated your machine).

Change the key value Registry:
[HKLM \ software \ microsoft \ windows nt \ currentversion \ winlogon] “Shell” = “Explorer.exe”% System% \ explore.exe “” -> “Explorer.exe”

Delete this file
% System% \ explore.exe
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  1. Noah Carter says:

    Thanks for the article. I got this Win32.Knokk and I was able to delete the file using Spyzooka without the risk of infecting all my pc.

  2. Laurie Michaelson says:

    Last week I had a virus problem in my computer. I installed different virus removal software and checked. But virus did not remove. I asked suggestion to my friend. He suggested Spyzooka. Excellent software! Win32.Knokk was removed. Thanks!

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