Kvmsecure – Nothing Secure About It!

Having Kvmsecure resident on your computer is like having an unwanted guest that will never leave, who keeps getting into all your personal stuff and using it how he likes. Wouldn’t take you long to get rid of someone like that, now would it? Kvmsecure is a phony antispyware program that comes to your machine via a suspect download, or a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob. It self-installs and starts operations without any permission or consent on your part, and soon you’ll find yourself presented with a “scan” of what it tells you are threats to your computers security, and that you need to take action right this minute or you most certainly will have a compromised machine.

Kvmsecure then offers you a timely solution: they will allow you to download their software fix for a fee which will get rid of all your virus and spyware problems once and for all. To many unsuspecting souls, this sounds good, as who wants a computer full of viruses or spyware? So they pull out their credit card and download this “fix”, and as soon as they do, they are even further down the rabbit hole! Kvmsecure begins to load even more malicious software onto their machine, and they’ve even paid them to do it!

The truth is you need to get rid of Kvmsecure and other rogue antispyware programs like it as soon as possible! You could try and do it yourself, but the reality is that there are simply too many hidden files and processes you won’t find, and you’d be at it for some time.

No a better answer is to get hold of a legitimate antispyware software solution, one that will bring Kvmsecure and others like it to their knees in short order. The best one I know of is SpyZooka, which comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will get the job done fast!

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