Malware Defense is Malware That Offers No Defense

Malware Defense is a bogus antivirus program that claims to detect malware and parasites and then remove them from your system.  This rogue security program is actually spyware.  It will display constant security warnings, fake system notifications and online scans in order to alarm you, so that you purchase the program they offer to remove these threats.

This application is malicious and incapable of doing any of the things it claims to do.  Fake online scanners display results of supposed threats, which are actually harmless files invented by Malware Defense to scare you.  This program cannot scan your PC, and it cannot detect or remove any spyware or other parasite.

How spyware installs on your PC

Many people’s computers become infected with spyware, and they wonder where it came from.  This can happen when you visit malicious websites, download other programs like videos, or share networks with others.  Malicious software often bundles with programs that people frequently download, such as freeware, music and games.  The fake system scan may also place this rogue on your PC.

What Malware Defense does

If Malware Defense doesn’t really protect the security of your computer, what does it do?  Spyware usually does what the name implies – it “spies” on you.  Information about your interests, search queries, and the websites you visit may be collected and sent to remote servers.  Private data such as personal passwords, credit card numbers and other business account information may also be at risk.

How to detect spyware

How will you know if spyware has been placed on your computer?  Many common symptoms are hard to miss.  Your PC will probably become very slow or sluggish, or even unstable.  You will be pounded by pop-up ads and security alerts, and your home page could possibly change.   It is also common for your browser to direct you to unknown websites that you were not trying to visit.  New toolbars in your browser or icons in your system tray are other signs that your PC may be infected.

When you are suspicious that a rogue security program resides on your computer, you should remove it immediately.  Manual removal is possible, but not advised unless you are very experienced in the process.  Incorrectly done, manual removal can damage your PC.  The best solution to restore security completely is to use a reputable antispyware tool that is designed specifically to remove spyware and other malicious software.
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