Malwareprotector2008 – No Protection Whatsoever!

Malwareprotector2008 comes to your machine uninvited, and promises to rid you of all the viruses, spyware and adware that it says is infesting your computer. Don’t be fooled! Malwareprotector2008 is another of those phony antispyware software applications find their way onto your computer system and create all sorts of problems, most alarmingly the mining of your sensitive personal information for use people you’d rather not be doing that. Moreover, it will likely con you into paying for this service as well!

Malwareprotector2008 comes to you either by a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, or it sometimes arrives  through a video codec download. You’ll want to get rid of this one as soon as you know it’s there. Usually Malwareprotector2008 will hijack your browser and start to “scan” your computer. When it is done, it gives you a list of what it considers “threats” that you need to take action on now, or else you will likely have a seriously compromised and damaged machine from all the viruses and spyware it has “found” for you.

Don’t let them fool you! The truth is that you indeed need to take care of viruses and spyware, but in reality it’s Malwareprotector2008 that is what you need to get rid of! Malwareprotector2008 will only  harm your computer, and will bring along so many of its evil counterparts, usually a lot more dangerous spyware, adware and fraudware than Malwareprotector2008 that will attempt to collect your personal information which would not be a good thing to have floating around.

And another thing: don’t try and get rid of Malwareprotector2008 or programs like it all by yourself. It’s simply too hard to do, as there too many files that are hidden very well to ferret out and kill before Malwareprotector2008 recreates itself.

Instead leave this beast and others like it to a good antispyware software solution. The best one I’m aware of is SpyZooka, which comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee.

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