MS Antivirus Will Destroy Your Computer

If you run into MS Antivirus, this is a huge risk to your computer.  This program is a rogue anti-spyware program that will appear to be helpful, but will actually cause you more harm than you ever imagined.  Instead of scanning and removing malware, MS Antivirus will actually download their own malware onto your computer system.

MS Antivirus will present you with an opportunity to scan your computer for malicious software (malware).  However, this free scan will be completely deceiving.  Once the free scan is performed, you will be presented with several files that are deemed to be dangerous to your computer.  In reality, MS Antivirus cannot scan for damaging files.

MS Antivirus has only been created to download this malware onto your computer and cause you problems.  The scan is the program’s way of convincing you to do two things.  First, once you accept the free scan, you are allowing the program to download their malware onto your computer.  You will be unaware of this, but it will happen.  The other thing MS Antivirus wants you to do is to buy their full version to “remove” these “damaging programs” that they present you with.  First of all, the files that have been presented as dangerous to your system are not problem programs, and some of the file names may not even exist on your computer.

The scan is used to scare you into purchasing their full version of their program.  However, this full version program will not remove any files.  MS Antivirus cannot scan or remove files; this is just the trick the program uses to get access to your computer’s hard drive.  Once on your hard drive, this program will use its Trojan horses to lift your personal information.  For example, many of these programs can use their key logging programs to send whatever you type into your computer, such as online purchase information, back to the programmers so that they can have access to your accounts.

The problems with your computer will be easily apparent to you.  If you refuse to purchase the full version of the program, you will have so many more chances.  MS Antivirus will start every time you turn on your computer, and will keep sending you so many warnings about problem programs.  These pop ups and security warnings will slow down your computer dramatically.  Also, you will be continually encouraged to purchase their full program.

You can attempt to get rid of this malware yourself, but most of the files used in MS Antivirus are hidden, temporary files that can be a huge challenge to remove.  That’s why most computer users turn to Spyzooka to get rid of these rogue anti-spyware programs.  Spyzooka comes with a 100% guarantee on their services to rid you of your malware.  Your credit card information, computer, and identity will be safe after Spyzooka handles the malware that has caused you a problem.  You can trust the experts at Spyzooka to get rid of this program that will create such havoc with your computer.

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