Increasingly popular because of its ability to invade without detection, backdoor Trojan, Win32.Nefutur will enter unannounced and set up shop without you having a clue about it.  This is a multi-person operation requiring the backdoor Trojan and the hacker to work together in order to complete the mission of the program.

Most often, this pest will enter via IRC channels or by posing as phony software or a game and will then wait for additional information from its hacker before completing its work.  Ultimately, the hacker will gain control of your machine with the ability to run applications, delete or modify files and upload additional malware.

Nefutur Backdoor

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Backdoor Trojan

Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Manual removal requires knowledge of how this program works.  If you are familiar with Win32.Nefutur then proceed by identifying all of the running processes and then killing them.  Next, you must search for and remove all remaining related files and folders affiliated with the program.  If not done properly, manual removal will cause more harm than good.

For safe and reliable removal, an alternate choice is SpyZooka.  SpyZooka has a proprietary system that guarantees to remove ALL spyware or your money back.  There isn’t a better guarantee in the business.

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  1. Elliot Coleman says:

    I have had no problems with Spyzooka. It does a superb job of keeping spyware,adware and other programs I don’t want of my computer. And it does not crash my computer nor does it slow it down.This is without a doubt the best antispyware out there.

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