Win32.NetRunner is a Trojan of the backdoor variety, which is one of the most dangerous types of Trojan malware.  These programs do not have any good purpose. It only infects computers for malicious purposes.

Win32/NetRunner.20 trojan
Backdoor Program

Related Files:


Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Manual Removal Instructions:
If you have the technical ability and experience to attempt a manual removal of the Win32.NetRunner malware, these are the steps required to complete the process, although the actual names of the files are not always readily available –

First, delete all of the affiliated Running Process Signatures, and follow that action by removing the related File Signatures.  Then seek out and destroy the Registered Dll (Dynamic Link Library) Signatures, Folder Signatures, and Registry Signatures for Win32.NetRunner.

However, because many computer users do not have this particular skill set, there are a number of options available through commercial anti-spyware programs to achieve an even more dependable result with much less time and effort.  One of the most respected names in anti-spyware technology is SpyZooka, a product from the BluePenguin software company that comes complete with a guarantee for the successful discovery, identification, and removal of malware.

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