NewDotNet is an Internet Explorer spyware/hijacker plug-in.  It is not something you want to have on your computer.  NewDotNet can change browser settings, can display commercial advertisements, can connect itself to the Internet, can hide itself from the user and stays resident in the background.
NewDotNet also tracks the user’s browsing history and will display unwanted commercial advertisements.  And, NewDotNet can install itself as an LSP (Layered Service Provider) amidst your Windows Winsock settings.  This, in and of itself, is not terribly harmful, however, if it is not removed it may cause you to not be able to reach the Internet.
Some examples of domain names are:
shop    .xxx    .club    .ltd
.inc    .travel    .tech    .sport
.family    .law    .med    .mp3
It appears that NewDotNet is currently being distributed with eDonkey2000, IMesh, GDivx, NeoNapster and a few others.

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  1. Stephen Kneale says:

    I tried spy-bot but it keeps telling me it can’t remove it because the application is currently being used in memory. NewDotNet made me lots of problem, but your removal tool helped me. I’m glad that it’s gone.

  2. Leah Turnbull says:

    I had NewDotNet virus on my computer and couldn’t get rid of it…Finally today when I ran SpyZooka, it removed it and now it is gone. Thanks!

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