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Adware.Nocsbar is a browser plug-in that can cause instability in your PC.  Not only does it deliver advertisements through pop-up and pop-under advertisements and banners, but the number of advertisements can take up your computer’s resources causing it to slow down, freeze your windows, or even make changes to your home page.

These advertisements sometimes have absolutely nothing to do with your browsing activities, but since Nocsbar can track your online activity, the creators attempt to display relevant ads with the hopes that you will click on some of them.

You know that all adware carries a certain amount of risk, and one can never tell the severity of damage that can be done until it’s too late.

If you are experience a significant amount of  pops-ups or your PC is running slower than usual, it’s a sign that something is in there causing the commotion.  To prevent further issues, it is recommended that you remove Nocsbar and any other adware that may be in the background.

There are a number of free programs on the ‘Net, as well as manual instructions to show you how to delete adware, but many do not completely solve the problem as they do not remove all of the components of the software.  If you want a sure shot resolution, try SpyZooka spyware removal software – rated #1 among computer experts, and guaranteed to cure your PC blues.  Try the free PC scan and get rid of Nocbar once and for all.

Nocsbar file contents :

C:Program FilesInternet ExplorerPLUGINSNocs.dll,
C:Program FilesNocs Bar


Also Known As:


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