Nuwar spreads through infected e-mail attachments. It tends to deactivate anti-virus software. It uses its own e-mail system to replicate and spread pretending to be legitimate newsletters. It connects itself to the Internet and hides in the background. It also installs other malware programs.

Generally, e-mails from Nuwar contain one of the following titles:
Urgent News!
Incredible news!
Read and resend asap!
A Kiss So Gentle
A Rose
A Precious Gift
A Rose for My Love
A Token of My Love
A Toast My Love
A Dream is a Wish
A Is For Attitude
Come Relax with Me
Come Dance with Me
Dream of You
Eternal Love
Eternity of Your Love
Falling In Love with You
For You….My Love
Heavenly Love
Hugging My Pillow
I am Complete
I Dream of you
I Love You Because
I Love Thee
I Love You with All I Am
I Love You Soo Much
I Would Dream
Kisses Through E-mail
If Loving You
In Your Arms
Inside My Heart
Last Night
ll Be Your Bride
Love Remains
Love Is…
m With You
Magic Power Of Love
Memories of You
Miracle of Love
My Love
Our Journey
Our Love Nest
Our Love Will Last
Our Love is Free
Our Love is Strong
Pages from My Heart
Path We Share
re in my Soul
re In My Thoughts
re my Dream
re the One
Sending You All My Love
Sending You My Love
Sent with Love
Special Romance
Surrounded by Love
The Dance of Love
The Mood for Love
The Miracle of Love
The Moon & Stars
The Time for Love
When You Fall in Love
Why I Love You
When Love Comes Knocking
Wrapped in Your Arms
Words in my Heart
You… In My Dreams
Your Love Has Opened
Your Friend and Lover

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Security Risk

Nuwar has a high security risk rating due to its tendency to deactivate anti-virus software.

Dref, W32/Nuwar@MM,
Dref worm, w32.Nuwar,
Email-Worm.Win32.Glowa (Kaspersky)I-Worm/Nuwar (Grisoft)
Storm Worm,
Trojan.Peacomm.D (Symantec),
W32.Mixor@mm (Symantec),
Win32/Luder!generic (CA),
Win32/Nuwar.gen (ESET),

Related Files
System\wincom32.ini System\wincom32.sys, wincom32.sys, wincom32.ini, kernels32.exe

Manual Removal Instructions:
1.    Stop the following process
a.    kernels32.exe
2.    Delete the following file
a.    System\\wincom32.ini System\\wincom32.sys kernels32.exe

Software Removal Instructions:
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