Ormondsystemslimited Is An Unlimited Threat

Ormondsystemslimited is in no way a helpful program. It’s one of a wave of security threats on the Internet called rogue antispyware. It pretends to be a legitimate security program, but is aggressive in its sales approach, infects your computer with spyware, and further will try to steal your credit card information. This will not only be a rip-off in terms of what you get for your money, but it can also be a lead-in to identity theft. It’s not effective as an antispyware tool, so there’s no use in trying to harvest its capabilities this way.

Rogue security programs like this one lurk on the Internet at infected websites and in infected downloads. The websites are often indistinguishable from legitimate sites. More often than not, the infected sites are pornographic in content or are mock online casinos. Even worse, rogue antispyware programs also have a home page that infections will often lead the user to.

Infected downloads are nearly always transmitted through downloads of pirated software and media, and peer to peer (P2P) file sharing. There have always been dangers of infection from this practice. In the early days of Internet piracy, the problems were mostly confined to viruses, worms and adware. After several legal battles over copyrighted content, Internet piracy was deemed illegal. The risks of being an Internet pirate are simply too numerous for it to be worth getting free software.

It is quite unfortunate that rogue antispyware attacks without any sort of warning. Once an infected button or link is clicked, it’s too late; the infection has begun. The first thing you see is a warning screen that counts so-called “infected files” on your computer and tells you that you’re infected.

You may not have been infected up until that point, but they’ll never tell you that. It will count all of your temporary files, which you may have in the thousands, and tell you that they’re infected. All of these files are really your browsing history and tracking cookies.

The next thing you will see is a screen that says if you buy the registered or “full” version of the software, it will take care of your infection. It ostensibly gives you the option of accepting or turning down this offer, but it won’t go away if you say “no thanks.” You are effectively held hostage at this point.

If you give in to their demands, they will ask for your credit card information. Under no circumstances do you want to do that. It’s a rip off. Turn your computer off now, and get something that actually works.

I suggest my program, SpyZooka, to get you out of this mess. We are the best software because we stay on top of spyware updates. Whenever there’s a new spyware release, we have a fix within minutes. This is the nature of our 100% spyware removal guarantee. No other company can make this guarantee. When the smoke clears, it’s SpyZooka that’s the victor.

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