Ormondsystemslimited: Rogue In A Box

Ormondsystemslimited is a corrupt antispyware program made by a “company” of the same name.  Corrupt antispyware tools are a collection of spyware files collected into a program designed to get into your pocketbook and steal your identity.  They seem friendly enough, but rest assured, they’re not.

When surfing the Internet, you should know right away that something’s not right when a random window pops up and tells you that you have a spyware infection—especially if you don’t have that program installed.  Believe me, there is no one on the Internet watching your activity with friendly intentions.

The only protection you have is what’s on your computer.  The only guarantees of your safety are what your programs provide.

Of course, it is right in one respect.  You do have malicious files on your computer…now that it put them there.  Those files that it’s showing you and telling you are infected?  Those are your temporary files.  They’re just records of your browsing habits.  Potentially sensitive information?  Yes.  Harmful, infected files?  No.

After putting a little panic in you, it says that it can remove your infection if you buy the full version.  Isn’t that awfully convenient?  Especially now that it took control of your browser and redirected you to its home page…  Isn’t this being a little pushy?

Okay, well you see that you have a choice of accepting or declining this offer.  Go ahead and click “No.” It didn’t go away, did it?  What’s more, now you can’t do anything else, can you?  That’s definitely suspect.  It’s best at this point to just shut off your computer and get a real antispyware program.

Think of it more this way:  You’re being held against a wall at gunpoint.  The mugger is only asking for your wallet, but he also plans to steal your life.  This isn’t just aggressive sales tactics, it’s a mugging.  Scary, isn’t it?

That is, in a nutshell, what rogue security programs do.  They may paint themselves up nicely, but a mugging by a guy dressed as a cop is still a mugging.

Unfortunately, there’s no real way of knowing how to avoid them.  They reside on infected websites and in corrupt downloads, but there’s no real test an average user can use to know if they’re safe or not.  Browsers and antispyware companies are getting more aggressive about flagging corrupted websites, but the problem is that they have to be spotted and flagged before you get there.

Keeping up with the changing world of infected websites and spyware updates is what sets SpyZooka apart from other antispyware manufacturers.  Unlike the others, we are constantly searching the Internet to keep our libraries updated.  Within minutes of a new threat, we have already found it, made a fix, and sent it to your computer.

This is how we can stand behind our 100% spyware removal guarantee.  No one else makes this guarantee because no one else can back it up.  We don’t claim to be the best; we are the best.

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