PcPrivacyTool – No Privacy Found Here!

PcPrivacyTool is another of these phony antispyware programs that is made for little more than getting you to give them money. PcPrivacyTool comes to you via a Trojan or a suspect video download, and sets up camp on your machine without your knowledge or permission, and then sets about to run a “scan”, that you neither requested nor wanted. It does this, and then gives you a  list of supposed “threats” that you’ll want to be and deal with or your machine will be toast!

Naturally, this is a scam of the first order. PcPrivacyTool wants only to sell you a software solution as a download for a tidy sum, one that will supposedly get rid of all these bogus threats it has “found”. So you decide to go ahead and do it, because, hey, who wants a computer chock full of pesky viruses and spyware? Once you’ve paid and downloaded their “fix”, you’re really in trouble. PcPrivacyTool will then start to unload more and more spyware, adware and fraudware onto your computer, and almost all of these new guys are a lot worse than PcPrivacyTool alone! These can and do invade your privacy by looking into all your online transactions, and mining your data for all manner of sensitive info, which they then send back to their servers and God knows who!

So it’s clear you need to kill off PcPrivacyTool as soon as you find it! Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. PcPrivacyTool and programs like it are quite adept at hiding themselves, and they will often hide copies of themselves in files throughout your computer. Attempting to get rid of PcPrivacyTool all by yourself is akin to counting grains of sand on the beach as the tide continually rolls in and out!.

No, by far the best way to get rid PcPrivacyTool is to use a legitimate antispyware software solution like SpyZooka. It will find and destroy all traces of PcPrivacyTool and keep your computer free from these pests and others like for quite a while!

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