PrivacyGuarantor is a rogue security program that claims to remove spyware and other parasites.  PrivacyGuarantor advertises aggressively toward the user, warning of threats that really do not even exist.  This is a hoax designed to frighten the user, so that they will purchase PrivacyGuarantor to remove these supposed threats.  PrivacyGuarantor has no ability so scan your PC; nor can it detect or remove malware.  This rogue may track your online activities as well as private information in order to transmit the data collected to third parties.  PrivacyGuarantor is malware, and may cause your PC to become slow or unstable.  Additional spyware may be placed on your computer as well, which will make problems worse.

Recommended Action:
Remove Promptly

Privacy Guarantor

Manual Removal:

To remove PrivacyGuarantor, it is necessary to first kill all running processes.  After that is accomplished, you must locate all related files and values in the Windows registry so that they may be deleted.  Manual removal is not an easy process, and may cause damage to your PC if not done correctly.  It is not advised unless you have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the process.

To remove PrivacyGuarantor automatically, it is recommended that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as SpyZooka, which is intended specifically for this purpose and 100% guaranteed.

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  1. James Mahmood says:

    SpyZooka scans computer very fast and takes very less time. Generally it search for all viruses and easily fixes them, so excellent performance.

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