PrivacyWatcher – It Affords You No Privacy and Is Definitely Watching!

PrivacyWatcher is a rogue antispyware program whose sole purpose for existence is to get you to fork over your hard earned dollars for a phony virus and spyware fix that not only will not work, but will in all likelihood infect your computer even further with even more serious forms of spyware, adware and fraudware, some of which could seriously undermine your systems security.

Now, if you’ve got PrivacyWatcher on your machine right now, you already have a problem. But the caution here is to not make the situation worse than it already is! If you fall prey to the pleas of PrivacyWatcher and download their “fix”, you will undoubtedly usher in legions of spyware and adware you could have avoided. And it should come as no comfort that most of the new stuff is a lot worse than PrivacyWatcher!

PrivacyWatcher most likely found its way onto your machine by way of a Trojan like Vundo, or Zlob, or possibly through a video codec file. However it got there, it’s imperative that you get it off, as if left to their own devices, PrivacyWatcher and its friends will gobble up your system resources, and mine your computer for all sorts of information, possibly even sensitive data such as bank account info, credit card numbers and more. PrivacyWatcher is definitely not something you want looking into your affairs!

However getting PrivacyWatcher off your machine isn’t all that simple either. Trying to delete all the files PrivacyWatcher has deposited on your computer is too difficult for most humans. The best solution is real antispyware software; the best of which I’m aware of is called SpyZooka. It will scan your computer for free, and comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, which will get you back up and surfing spyware free in no time!

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