Protect Your Kids From EasySearch

There are things I can tolerate in this world and things that I can’t. Adware is one of the things that I simply can’t stand, especially when it is a threat to my children. EasySearch is the kind of adware that is simply dangerous.

If you don’t have kids, imagine that you do. Then imagine that they are on the computer or near it when someone is trying to check their email. But instead of the email homepage appearing, an adult-oriented website appears! This would be an awful thing to happen and it nearly happened to me, all thanks to a deleterious adware program.

I’m not sure when or where I picked up this little nasty thing, but one day while going through my family photos I noticed my computer was working slower than usual. I pulled up my Internet browser so that I could email some pictures of my kids to my parents, but noticed something different. I had a different home page than usual. I thought maybe my spouse might have changed it, but when I tried to go to my email account I realized that I had a big problem on my hands. An adult website appeared and I quickly closed the browser. Just in time too, because seconds later, my 7-year-old son walked into the room.

I knew from past experience that I had a spyware problem. I wondered how this could be because I had an anti-spyware program and I had thought that it was a pretty good one. Apparently, it wasn’t good enough. So, I pulled up my task manager and looked through the processes. I found a couple processes that were unfamiliar to me, including one called iau.exe. I went to my office computer and did a search and found that that process is associated with adware called EasySearch.

This parasite worried me. Not only could it change my home page, but it seemed bent on pulling up adult materials. And if it could do that, then who knows what else it could do? I wasn’t sure what other kinds of things it would do to my computer. What if it loaded files onto my computer with more adult-oriented content? If it did, how well could I protect my kids from its malicious deeds?

I needed to get rid of EasySearch so I could restore my personal computer to proper health and keep my kids safe from adults only material. I needed a new anti-spyware program, and I needed one that I could depend on. So I began my search. There were plenty of anti-spyware programs out there that sounded good, and plenty more that seemed to be fraudulent.

I eventually found a program called SpyZooka and I was taken back a bit when I saw its credentials. A membership with the Better Business Bureau, several high honor awards, a fair price, and it was the only legitimate anti-spyware program I had found with a 100% spyware removal guarantee. I knew this was the program for my computer’s safety and, more importantly, my children’s safety. That kind of security is definitely worth buying.

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