ProtectionBar – More Adware that Does Nothing for Protection

Isn’t adware just about the most aggravating thing ever invented? ProtectionBar is another malicious software program invented to spy on you so that it can send you targeted advertisements. Although it presents itself as desired software to have, it definitely isn’t. Do you believe you may have it installed on your pc? Here is some information that will help you decide if you do, and what steps to take.

The first thing you will notice if you do in fact have ProtectionBar is a new toolbar in your browser. Don’t click anywhere on this bar; doing so could install even more adware on your pc and cause more problems. Other signs that you may have it installed on your computer are a changed homepage, annoying pop-up ads and slow performance. Does it seem that some of the advertisements you are getting are related to your online searches? You aren’t dreaming – there is a reason for this.

The makers of these software programs do this intentionally. They spy on your online activities, so that they know what you are searching for. This way, they can send related advertisements to you, in hopes that you will buy something. Some of these programs can even track your personal online business information, such as credit card information and passwords. You can see that this is not desirable software.

How did it become installed in the first place? Many times, advertising software such as ProtectionBar comes through with other files you download, without you being aware of it. Other times, you may actually download it believing it is a good thing. It is sometimes hard to tell what is safe to download, and what isn’t. In any event, eliminating it should be your top priority. Beware of ProtectionBar advertisements trying to get you to purchase an anti-spyware program through one of their pop-up ads. You are simply asking for more trouble.

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