RaptorDefence is a rogue security program designed to trick you into believing that malware and other parasites reside on your PC.  RaptorDefence uses aggressive security warnings and fake online scanners to convince you that infections exist, so that you will buy their product to remove these threats.

RaptorDefence is spyware, and has no ability to scan your PC, nor can it detect or remove infections or malware.  Scan results are fabricated, and are completely harmless.  RaptorDefence will likely make your PC slow or unstable, and may install additional spyware.  Your online interests and personal data may be at risk as well.  Information may be collected about your online activities which may be transmitted to remote servers.


Recommended Action:
Remove immediately

Raptor Defence

Manual Removal:
In order to remove RaptorDefence manually, all running processes must be killed.  It is then essential that all related files and values are detected in the Windows registry so that they can be removed.  If not done correctly, manual removal can damage your PC.

To remove RaptorDefence automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable antispyware tool like SpyZooka, which is designed specifically for this purpose.  SpyZooka guarantees 100% removal of all traced of malware and spyware.

Related Files:
raptordefence_setup.exe, raptordefence_setup[1].exe, RaptorDefenceUpdate.exe, RaptorDefence.exe

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  1. Marry Thatcher says:

    I went to my computer yesterday morning and noticed RaptorDefence downloaded on my computer. I couldn’t open my Mozilla browser or add/delete any programs. They wanted me to pay $300 to clean my computer, but I was sure that is a trick, so I used SpyZooka to remove it. Thank you for the big help!

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