Registryfox Is A Scam

SpyZooka is in the business of protecting people from malicious programs that intend to scam you, steal your information, spy on your activities, and otherwise harm you and your computer. There are millions of these programs out there, and while many of them are obviously malware, and thus easily avoided, others such as registryfox are more difficult to spot as fakes before it is too late.

Registryfox is what is known as a rogue registry cleaner. Over time, all computers require registry maintenance to remove invalid applications, unused shortcuts and corrupt files that are left over from installing and uninstalling various applications. This is so because these file scraps are often the cause of your computer getting slower, freezing up, and/or giving you error messages. Rogues like registryfox prey on users experiencing these problems by convincing them that the program is capable of optimizing the PC in question and fixing these errors. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Users are most commonly infected with registryfox either by getting tricked into manually downloading it or by a Trojan that has already opened a security hole on their computer. Either way, once on your machine registryfox will set about convincing you that it is in your best interest to waste your money on its “licensed version.” It does this by means of initializing a fake scan that produces equally false results listing numerous registry errors supposedly residing on your computer. It then harasses you with pop ups and fake system alerts designed to make you think that if you do not click them and buy the licensed version you are surely facing immediate system failure. They don’t bother to tell you that purchasing this version will only leave you out money with a computer still full of problems.

If you have registryfox on your computer, you need to remove it and find yourself a legitimate registry cleaner. You can do this by unregistering registryfox’s DLLs, killing its running processes, and deleting its associated registry values and files. Be careful not to delete the wrong file, as doing so could leave you in a lot worse of a situation.

You can remove registryfox automatically and ensure protection against any future scams or threats by using SpyZooka. SpyZooka is the only antimalware product that guarantees 100% removal of all malicious code on your computer, and the program is automatically updated so that you always have the most up to date protection available. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back. We’re committed to offering you the best computer security tools possible, and if you’re concerned about getting scammed by programs like registryfox, SpyZooka is the tool you’ve been looking for!

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