Removal of MalwareCleaner

MalwareCleaner is a rogue security tool designed to fool users into believing their PC is infected with security threats and other parasites. MalwareCleaner is actually in itself a threat that should be removed promptly. Through popup displays, this application will inform the user that security threats exist, and to download their scan to detect and remove these threats. In reality, MalwareCleaner cannot scan your PC, nor can it detect and remove parasites. This is simply another attempt to get the user to purchase their full product in order to remove the supposed infections, which is a complete waste of money. What it can do is track your online activities and personal information and sell to third parties. Immediate removal is necessary to protect your PC from further possible damage.

MalwareCleaner Files:

Uninstall\Malware Cleaner

Recommended Action:  Remove Immediately

Manual Removal:  Removing MalwareCleaner manually is possible but we highly advise against taking this action. Only a professional should attempt such as process, because when done incorrectly it can cause further damage to the computer. All related files must be deleted and running processes killed, which is a complex process even for an expert. To insure removal and protection of your PC, a reliable antispyware product such as Spyzooka is recommended.

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