Remove PC Antispyware 2010

PC Antispyware 2010 is a rogue security program that displays alarming security warnings to the user in an attempt to get them to buy the full product to remove these threats. PC Antispyware 2010 cannot scan your PC, and it cannot detect or remove any threat. It is actually a malicious application that is capable of damaging your computer. Private information may be accessed, and PC Antispyware 2010 is capable of modifying or disabling system files. Your computer may become slow or unstable. PC Antispyware 2010 also blocks the installation of other security programs, and may block your antivirus as well to protect itself.

PC_Antispyware 2010,

Manual Removal:
To remove PC Antispyware 2010 manually,
you must kill all associated running processes,
then detect related files and values in the Windows registry so that they can be deleted.
Manual removal is difficult, and puts your PC at a high risk for damage. It is not advised unless you are an expert in these complex processes. To remove PC Antispyware 2010 automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which is intended for this purpose.

Related Files:
aqamodero.dat hubeweqa.lib jatikysup._dl ofyxodaqa.dat sahaso.bat zotys.bin AVEngn.dll
htmlayout.dll PC_Antispyware2010.cfg PC_Antispyware2010.exe pthreadVC2.dll
wscui.cpl daily.cvd Microsoft.VC80.CRT Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest msvcm80.dll
msvcp80.dll msvcr80.dll
akudyta.lib hoxigawax.inf kyci.dl nuxojih.scr
qynomikov.bin seni.reg yfoneby.db _scui.cpl cocefezyj.dl qebykiti.dl pybisezyr.db
ulycozoho._dl icosagula.reg jugifyryve.exe PC_Antispyware2010.lnk
ajeby.reg yqeqaranym.vbs zebav.pif _scui.cpl.txt xoqupuwytu._dl Uninstall.lnk

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  1. Billy Armstrong says:

    SpyZooka saved my PC! My computer is now running quicker and I don’t have any annoying advertising popping up while I am browsing the web. It scans and removes spyware that others didn’t.

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